I’m Alive

It is hard to believe I have not created one post on my blog in over three years. A lot has happened in that time. I visited Yosemite National Park with my aunt and uncle in 2016. In 2017 my dog Buddy got a little brother. I don’t know his breed, Toby was given to me by someone who didn’t know what he was. He looks like Disney’s Tramp, but the artist that created Tramp was drawing her version of a mutt so that is no help. My mother passed away and I got married in 2018. I have read well over 200 books. And I have cooked a lot.

Tammy and Julio on 1/132/2019
 Tammy Sue and Julio   //    January 2019

My husband is latino and I am caucasion as evidenced above. We have two very different cultures at work in our home. This is obvious in our cooking. I love italian food and he loves spicy comfort food. I had plenty of spices on hand when we married so our kitchen works well for both of us. But anything I serve without extra heat I have to make sure he has some sort of hot pepper, whether it’s a spice or sauce, to put on his food. I rarely make anything anymore that I haven’t adjusted to a spicy version unless I am cooking solely for myself.

Some things never change. My Bacon Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Jalapenos post is still the most popular thing I have ever shared. I feel the need to update that post since I now grill the peppers and I often marinate the stuffed chicken in spicy cajun marinade. I was living in Louisiana 9 years ago and there was a meat market that made them. They were so delicious. I can’t say I make them exactly the same because I had to make them based on something prepped by others. But they taste the same to me. It is a simple stuffed chicken. You can vary the type of bacon used. Some times I use hickory smoked and other times I will use Applewood. You can also vary the seasoning on the outside. Some people like simple black pepper. I like to make the stuffed chicken a day ahead and marinate in a vaccum sealed bag in the refrigerator.

Here’s to a brand new year and a brand newlywed life.

Buddy The Working Boy

Since I have been working out of town Buddy has been coming with me. He is a good boy. We have a routine and he is used to being in the office each day and staying at the hotel at night.

Business Attire
Sitting Pretty
Long Work Days Leave a Boy Tired

I am so lucky to be able to bring him with me. I know that there is no way that I could be apart from my little boy.

Buddy Update

Facebook has taken over the past year as far as posting and sharing photos of Buddy. I am also completely sucked into playing Mafia Wars on Facebook but that is another story.

I want to share some pictures of Buddy since I haven’t posted any of him in so long. He is so sweet and funny.

Buddy's First Hair Cut - March 29, 2009. This was taken about a week before his first birthday. I thought he was fat and was going to put him on a diet. Turns out it was all hair!!
Buddy - May 8, 2009 - Well, that toy lasted about 15 minutes.
Buddy - July 12, 2009 - He is so cute after getting his haircut.
Buddy - October 2, 2009 - Course I think he's pretty cute when he needs a haircut too!
Buddy - November 28, 1009 - It's Buddy's world, clearly I am just living in it.
Buddy - December 10, 2009 - Enjoying a treat after his bath.
Buddy's 2nd Christmas - 2009

Buddy…The World’s Greatest Shorkie

My boo boo is growing up {tear}. What can you do? When we last visited the vet in July, he weighed 6 lbs. 4 oz. and I thought he was getting big then! He was only 3 lbs when I brought him home on May 31st. Now at 6 months old he is tipping the scales at a whopping 11lbs. and a 1/2 oz!

He has the tiniest button nose
He has the tiniest button nose
For Those About To Rock
For Those About To Rock
Whos The Fairest of Them All?
Who's The Fairest of Them All?
He just doesnt know what to do with his mouthful of big boy teeth
Toothy grin


His favorite thing is just to be by mom, even if it means assisting with a nap
His favorite thing is just to be by mom, even if it means assisting with a nap

Finally….Baby Pictures!

It has taken me a while to get some pictures up of Buddy because he moves so fast. I can’t catch him with the digital camera. I picked up a cheapy 35mm disposbable and captured some cute moments. He’s pretty cute most of the time so it wasn’t too difficult.

He is almost 5 months old now so he is teething. I managed to rescue one baby molar. I think he must just eat them.

Since we live on the lake I got Buddy this spiffy lifejacket.

I thought it would be good to introduce him to the water. He did not think it was good.

He is usually a pretty good boy. Very well behaved. But sometimes when he wants to do something and I won’t let him, he gets frustrated. And he let’s me know.

My nephew Vincent really likes Buddy, except when he bites (chews) him and tries to hump him.  

All teething babies have to have their binky.

Some times he does things that are so charming. When he crawled in his bed and then peeked out at me I had to get a picture of that.

There have been times when I didn’t get that shot. For example, when I was cleaning the kitchen recently I didn’t realize I had left the bathroom door open. It was so quiet I thought to myself, “I wonder what my little boo boo is doing?” I turned around and the entire living room/dining room floor was COVERED with shredded toilet paper. I went in the bathroom and there was just an empty piece of cardboard on the roll.

I would have taken a picture but I was too busy bitching at the dog about how toilet paper costs money and he’s a bad boy. I know he didn’t understand but it made me feel better while I was cleaning it all up.