I Love The Beatles!


“When I was a kid the world was as big as my imagination. Which was pretty big! Only it was imaginary.  It was this world of ambition and imagination. You can’t imagine what was gonna happen in your future. So much has happened since those days. There is so much more to this than our existence. Couldn’t put a finger on it. I don’t think I would really want to. It gives me faith that we are not just a bunch of  mindless creatures. Stuck in this machine march through the world…that we’ve got a great humanity and that a lot of us think alike and that we’ve got a lot in common with each other.” ~~ Paul McCartney

That being said, I am simple girl. And my un-formally educated mother always told me…the majority of people are good.


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

One thought on “I Love The Beatles!”

  1. Great article, I have never lost my faith in fellow man, even with so me of the bad examples you see in police work. When I take bus loads of college kids to sporting events or class trips, I think of Nixon’s silent majority. Almost all these kids are good kids with values and a right face full of hope and idea’s, the conversations on life as they see it are great.The older I get the more there is to learn from them. Love Uncle Sam..

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