Blog Hits

I haven’t been posting on the blog due to being sucked into Facebook for the last year.  So as a result I haven’t been checking my blog traffic. Which I think is a good thing. I don’t have much of value to say so I have very slow traffic. But the hits I got yesterday are disturbing:

Search Term: dirty room before and after

Views: 5

Obviously the above is referring to the fabulous job I did renovating the lake house I used to live in at the Lake of the Ozarks. But at face value…kinda depressing.


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

2 thoughts on “Blog Hits”

  1. Tammy…My unusual personality can still find some humor in it…Just try thinking about their confusion…

    But I also hope you didn’t get any freako comments. I remember having some crazy lady cyber stalking me, who swore she spoke to the Virgin Mary in a language only she understood. Why she thought a complete stranger would be interested was beyond me. Once I saw some of the content, the delete button came in quite nicely.

    But I had no idea all you had to do was put the word “dirty” in a post and they’d come out of the woodwork. I’m going to be very choosie.

    I supposed that lets “mud wrestling” out if I ever need to use it? ;)H

  2. H –

    I really like this WordPress blog. I know a lot of people are fans of blogspot, but the features here are great and I don’t do anything special and get a good amount of search traffic.

    Biggest draws are my Pinewood Derby posts and the reno posts. I bought a new house here so nothing needs work…EXCEPT my yard. I have almost an acre. WAY TOO much for any girl in her right mind! But it already had a concrete driveway and I knew I could set my house right in the middle and never have any neighbors right next to me.

    Tomorrow I’m going to weed eat around driveway and the sidewalk I “recycled.” I haven’t even planted grass yet but it’s started to grow which is amazing due to the high clay volume. I’m 16 miles north of the coast so it is very sandy ground here. I need to weed & feed, throw down grass seed and buy a lawn mower. I also need to treat the yard for fire ants and termites.

    Size of yard deems a riding mower but I don’t have a shed yet and my budget is dictating a push mower.

    I’m gonna get a self propelled walk behind mower and some exercise. 😉


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