Help My Bedroom!

I am looking for design suggestions to spiff up my orange bedroom. Here is what I am dealing with:

Bedroom Wall 1

Wall 1 – The window blinds are going. They are dirty and smoke stained from the previous tenant. I was just going to replace with the same basic white mini blinds but am open to window treatment suggestions.

The TV has to stay where it is due to the location of the cable wiring. I am fine with that. I was able to find a small table that fits the TV, doesn’t take up too much space and has a small shelf at the bottom that holds a little square DVD player.

Bedroom Wall 2

Wall 2 – sliding glass doors lead out to my wrap around deck. I am planning on designing around the curtains. I don’t really want to replace this particular window/door treatment.

Bedroom Wall 3

Wall 3 – this is the most wall space that I have in this small room. The wall does contain the door into the room but I normally always keep it open. I am planning to hang a mirror that I got from my grandmother’s house over the head of the bed.

I am not attached to the bedspread. It can go. I just picked it up at Target right after I moved in to having something that sort of matched. I didn’t spend a lot because I knew I was going to repaint the room as soon as it warmed up.

Bedroom Wall 4

Wall 4 – this wall houses the closet. You probably noticed I don’t have a dresser in here. My smaller (if you can imagine that!) bedroom has a built in California Closet with a nice dresser so I don’t need one in here. It won’t fit anyway.

Color Palette

Here is a closeup of the drapes to give you a better view of the color palette I want to work with. As you can see I need help! I definately don’t want to use any white since I really like how the trim pops and also I plan on installing a clean white air return grille over the air return above the head of my bed.

I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks!


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

One thought on “Help My Bedroom!”

  1. I’m just checkin in to see how your home is coming.. I have a few questions but I’m just going to wing it….How big is Grama’s mirror and is it a cool one with some gold scrolling embelishments on the frame or plain black frame or what??

    When I think of a bedroom, I think of a haven so my ideas might be wild for you. Mt first thoughts were to add some screening over the top of the bed. You can do it several ways. The easiest would be to suspend 2 poles (big dowels) from chains off hooks screwed into the ceiling. The poles would hang horizontally across the head and the foot of the bed. The draping would suspend over the poles kinda dipping in the middle for interest…the one at the head all the way against the wall …and draping to the floor creating a backdrop, the one at the foot much shorter and with some brocade or ribbon or brick-brack on the very front edge. You could even add tassels at the corners. Whatever material (fabric) you pick should contrast with your orange. Add some hidden velcro on the poles to keep the drape in place. Then you can hang that mirror right over the top of that material on the back wall…or let the folds of the material become your headboard and the mirror hangs on another wall. Find some really cool pillows in all different sizes, or make them. I sometimes use pillow cases and tie ribbons or add buttons on the ends to close them. Pile them all up against that fabric headboard in various heights.

    As far as the TV, I would actually invest in a corner hanging tray to get it up off the ground leaving you more space. Use the small table you just bought right next to the bed for a book, lamp, whatever…

    For that little window, I would hang a shelf above it that goes the entire length of the window and extends about a foot or so on either side. It would need to be above the frame a few inches so that you could attach another curtain pole underneath, again the length of the shelf. You’d just need a couple of pieces of wood at each end with a hole large enough to slip the pole through. Then get another set of those long curtains and hang them on ether side of the window as an accent, leaving the window open (or with blinds). Add some cool stuff on the shelf above…colored glass would be cool…baskets or maybe something you collect.

    You could make a simple cornice box to cover the curtain pole if you wanted and also make one to match and place over your slider window so the windows look more finished. You could spray glue another contrasting fabric over the cornice to add even more pizazz and edge with the same brick-brack you use on the front on the headboard drape..

    Add a tall plant in the corner between the 2 windows…and you’ve got a pretty nice looking room.

    Well, that’s what I see in my head. I haven’t had any coffee so more could pop in when I do.

    Good luck Tammy. The orange is beautiful.

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