Tree Rat Trouble

When I lived in the city I used to think squirrels were cute. Now I see them for the pests they really are. I live on a lake and have an uncovered deck surrounded by trees. The squirrels eat the trees and their flowers leaving sticks and flower remnants all over my deck and outdoor furniture. Then they proceed to crap everywhere! 

It’s about to get all Caddyshack here shortly because they are driving me crazy!! I can sweep up after them and in a half hour they have completely dirtied up my deck again. Even while I’m sitting out there it’s like the sky is falling. There are many different tactics that can be taken to rid yourself of these pesky little tree rats but most of the good ones are illegal. One family found a way to have fun with their troublesome unwelcome guests.

I need a pellet gun and a sharp shooter.


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

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