Weekend Project – Part 2

Holly came over yesterday and helped me finish painting the living room area.  It looks much better now. The lighting on my pictures isn’t the best so it almost looks like I painted it the same color. It is cleaner now and I have patched all the holes.

Living Room BEFORE

They painted all of the air return grilles in the house so this one also had to be replaced. I just looks dirty to me.

Living Room 2 BEFORE

I love all the sliders and windows I have overlooking the lake. But when you are painting it is a lot to trim out.

Living Room AFTER

In this area Valspar SR1114  Dusty Spruce in a flat texture was used. 

I used a professionally prepared color palette from Valspar’s Seaside Retreat collection. The number of the palette is SR1603. It includes the two warm browns I used in the kitchen dining area, the Dusty Spruce and also a lighter blue (SR1010 Porch Swing). I chose not to use that color because I really didn’t have anywhere to go with a fourth color.

Living Room 2 AFTER 

Next up is the conquering the orange bedroom. I am looking at warm yellow golds for that room. I have been quite pleased with the Valspar paints so far so I will most likely stick with it for the bedroom. No date set for that adventure. I plan to do it in the next month or two, before summer.


Author: Tammy Sue

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