Favorite Wine Selection

I just wanted to share my favorite wine. I don’t like sweet wines so if this particular gem hadn’t been shared with me I never would have tried it. It is a dry Riesling so it doesn’t taste anything like any of the other Rieslings I am familiar with. If you like dry whites I highly recommend this particular wine. It is great for entertaining because I have found it appeals to a lot of different palates.

Villia Maria Riesling

It is produced by Villa Maria Estate at their Marlborough, New Zealand winery. I was a little worried when I moved to the Lake that I wouldn’t be able to get it here. But we have a Hy-vee and they have a wonderful wine selection. It is a great supermarket. I am so glad they opened here. It’s not the same as a Whole Foods Market but at least finally we have some decent organic food options and a vast fresh produce selection. I love cooking so it my favorite store here.

UPDATE: I went grocery shopping today and Hyvee didn’t have my wine! I’m devastated. I am going to go talk to them about this! No bien!

UPDATE 2: Hyvee has the wine again but the price went up from $11.99 to $14.69 which I understand. It’s really good. Ah, supply and demand.

UPDATE 3: I live in Louisiana now and I have not seen my beloved win anywhere here. However, they do have sweet tea vodka which is interesting. But, of course, not the same at all. 😦

UPDATE 4: I have been living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for almost a year and the liquor laws here really inhibit my passion to imbide. No Villa Maria in site. You can’t buy anything but beer at the grocery store. All wine and cocktail liquor much be purchased at a premium price at a liquor store. I spoke to the gentleman and his wife who own my local liquor store and they said that the state regulates what spirits they can carry. So sad. Luckily I can get Bogle Chardonnay. And my friends who own the liquor store allow me to purchase cases at a discounted price. They are wonderful!

UPDATE 5: This little vagabond is now living in Austin, TX and I found a great search tool for finding wine. It will tell you where to get wine by winery. So, I still have to see if those location carry my desired varietal. But this is a great resource:  Find Wine USA


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

One thought on “Favorite Wine Selection”

  1. Good tip Tammy. I’ll write it down for the Gallery Opening. I can’t drink (allergic) so I know very little about wine and have to trust other’s tastes. This sounds like a winner!

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