Weekend Project

I spent last weekend painting my kitchen and dining room. I use the terms loosely because I live in a very small house so the living room is also in the same room. They are more like “areas.” When I moved in I followed a heavy smoker with two dogs and a penchant for hanging things up on the walls.

I have had my work cut out for me. The walls were washed before I moved in which is a saving grace alone. One less thing I have to do. But you could still see the smoke stains…not to mention all the holes in the walls. I patched and sanded all of those and then went to Lowes and picked up some paint.

 Dining Room BEFORE

I took my time picking out the paint colors I finally chose. I have had numerous color swatches hanging up for the last two months.

Kitchen BEFORE

I don’t even know what to say about that shiny blue door. It just looked bad.

Kitchen/Living Room BEFORE

Then I had this gross color that I can’t even name. It doesn’t even match the blue or look good. Obviously there was a fire sale.

And then there was light.

Dining Room AFTER

I decide to go with a lighter more neutral color. The wall that is adjoining will be a dark blue/green color called Dusty Spruce. That’s next weekend’s project. But you can tell by the current color that the spaces will be delineated very dramatically. I can’t wait! I wanted to use very different colors that still go together to differentiate between the dining room and living room.

Kitchen AFTER

My kitchen now looks bigger and cleaner. I love the darker brown on the door.  I also chose a flat finish so nothing would look shiny.

The lighter brown on the walls is: Valspar SR410 Cottage Timber
The darker brown on the door is: Valspar SR413 Picnic Basket

Kitchen/Living Room AFTER

I used the darker brown Picnic Basket on the formerly ugly colored wall. It now looks cleaner and ties in with the door. I also bought a new air return grill because whoever painted before painted it! Gross. You can’t do that unless you paint the walls white or alabaster or something. It looked dirty!! EEWWW! Best $8.00 I ever spent.

Well the warm browns actually give off a bit of a southwestern feel but since I have all floor length windows and sliding glass doors surrounding me with a view out to the lake I won’t be hanging anything up on the walls! The view is the picture. The former tenant didn’t get the picture.

I also needed to get some patio furniture for my deck so I can enjoy my Charbroil this summer. I actually grilled out three times this winter when the weather was mild. I’ve been looking at furniture and since my deck is not covered my main concern was forking out a bunch of dough for something nice that the elements are just going to trash.

Holly and I went up to Lowes and I showed her the cheap table I was thinking of getting. It was marked down since last weekend. So were the chairs. It was so cheap we were like “Let’s just get this! If it gets trashed I can throw it in the dumpster and buy something new.” It looks cheap but you get what you pay for and I didn’t spend much. It’ll do just fine. I’m happy with it. The money I saved I can now consider getting the covered bar with the two bar stools.

Cheap Patio Set

It’s not too hideous and it was actually pretty easy to put together. I did it myself. It took me a little longer than if I’d had help but it wasn’t hard to do.

I also did the painting job by myself because the only thing big I had to move was the refrigerator and it’s on wheels and has a long cord. I just pulled it out in front of the dishwasher and left it there until I was done.

With the warm weather coming it’s time to spray so those pesky bugs know they are not welcome! Bring it bugs! It’s your ass! Also on the agenda for next weekend: Holly is going to help me paint the living room because I need helping taking the vertical blinds down and moving the television. Once I get that done then it will be time to move on to the bedroom. It is currently orange. Oh yes, pumpkin orange!


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

5 thoughts on “Weekend Project”

  1. Holy Moses Tammy! What time is you’re show airing on HGTV!

    Looks great! Clean, bright and the color chosen really opened it all up. The place looks brand new. Not sure what the teal was all about but I believe it was popular in the 80’s. 😉

    The patio looks great as well. I can just imagine you out there grilling away.

    Holly must love you alot to help paint. My husband will hide in a closet if I say the dreaded 5 letter word.

    I bought a set of new patio furniture from OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) for my Gallery too. I can’t wait to see it on the balcony. It was alot of pieces and it all came in one box…I’m wonder what the kid loading it at the store left behind 🙂

    Anyway, I bow to you! Nicely done my good woman!


  2. Thanks Heather! I worked really hard on it. My quads were shredded from squatting so much but they are better now. Just in time to paint more, of course!

    Holly loves me but she also OWES me. I helped paint her kitchen and living room. I also helped pull up all the carpet in the living room when they put in laminate flooring. Talk about a dirty job! Paging Mike Rowe!!

    One box makes it sound like your patio chairs require assembly. But because of that they are probably pretty nice chairs. I can’t wait to see the pics. Your gallery is coming along fabulously. I love seeing dreams come true 🙂

  3. After explaining the carpet pull, I believe Holly still owes you. I’d string it out over a couple of years, picking and choosing those chores! You never know when you might need the roof patched 😉

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