Pinewood Derby 2007 – Trophy Time!

The trophy for the 2007 Pinewood Derby finally came in. It is a traveling department trophy. Of course this year it will go to Engineering because they took all 5 places in the speed category. The trophy is 5 years old. They did the Egg Drop for 3 years and then the Pinewood Derby for the past two years. I am trying to talk ’em into one more year before they change the contest.

2007 Pinewood Derby Display

Without giving away anyone’s identity I will notate the place and category from left to right in the images below:


  1. 3rd Place – Speed Category – 2.6007
  2. 4th Place – Speed Category – 2.60170
  3. 4th Place – Theme Category – General Lee
  4. 3rd Place – Theme Category – Magical Mystery Tour Bus

  1. 1st Place – Theme Category – Christine
  2. 2nd Place – Speed Category – 2.6005
  3. 1st Place – Speed Category – 2.6000

  1. 5th Place – Speed Category – 2.607
  2. 5th Place – Theme Category – Knight Rider

In the photo above you can easily see how the wheels on the speed category vehicles were grinded down to a pencil thin width. If we do it again I’d like to see a modified and unmodified category. That would allow for more winners. Otherwise if you don’t grind your wheels down then I wouldn’t bother entering the speed category.


The above cars were just done for fun. I’d have to ask but I don’t think they were made with the supplied kits. There is no way. All we were given was a wood block, two axels, four wheels and our wits to work with. 

Christine, the 1st Place Theme Category is a thing of beauty. They did such a good job on it. Very impressive. The other cars looked really good too. But supposedly the voting is done by outside parties and they go on creativity and how close it represented the vehicle in the show/movie. My bus and a couple of others had pictures of the real deal and I was told that seemed to help.

You may or may not have noticed that Blue Truck who got 2nd place in the Theme Category is not in the line up. Rumor has it he gave the PWD car to his kids and it is no longer in “display” condition. I did find out for sure that he did not designate his car to a TV show or movie so I did “officially” get robbed. But as I said before he did do a better job on his PWD car. He had the proper tools at his disposal and that makes a lot of difference. As does experience. It was my first time.

I really like how they mounted our cars for us on a plaque. They turned out really nice. I’m glad I didn’t let my fear get in the way. Had I known how good the competition was going to be I never would have done it. My cousin tried to tell me. But I never listen.

UPDATE:  the cars on top of the trophy were supplied by Woodland Scenics. That is the company that loans us the track to race the cars on. I knew they weren’t made from the “supplied” kits.

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Author: Tammy Sue

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