Pinewood Derby 2007 – Third Place Winner!

This year’s Pinewood Derby theme was Television and Movies. I chose to recreate the bus from the 1967 Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour.

Magical Mystery Tour Bus

I tried to find stills from the movie on the Internet but came up empty. So, I then popped the VHS tape in the VCR and took stills myself with my cell phone. The tour bus in the movie look pretty difficult to paint. I headed back to Google and found the picture of the refurbed tour bus on All Beatles News. Hopefully it’s ok that I used that photo. Basically I wanted to make sure that I had a picture for the judges because I didn’t want to count on anyone remembering what it looked like.

Magical Mystery Tour Bus Pinewood Derby Car

This is the first pinewood derby car I have ever made. I think it turned out pretty nice. They had two categories: racing and theme. I was 3/4 of an ounce over on my weight so I couldn’t race it without drilling out some plugs in the bottom. I decided not to bother since the wheels didn’t turn that great anyway. That’s a whole other story. The moral of which is that I should have read the directions. Apparently you have to sand off some of the sides so that by the time you paint and shine it up it won’t be too wide to get the dang wheels on! Ended up having to sand down the inside of the wheels to get the hubcaps on. And as you can see I didn’t account for how big the wheels are when I did my logo job on the sides of the bus. Live and learn. Next time my pinewood derby car will be able to enter both racing and theme contests.

Magical Mystery Tour Bus Pinewood Derby Car

 I got 3rd Place (or Bronze Medal Winner as I like to call it). First place was a really cool Christine PWD car from the Steven King movie. Since it was my first time I didn’t really understand what you could do. I thought you had to use just one of the supplied kits. They took two kits and used the wood blocks to make a car that maintained aspect of the real thing. It did turn out really good.  The second place winner was called Blue Truck and I feel I got robbed because it didn’t specify itself to a TV show or movie. It stated in the official rules under the Theme Category: Technical Standards that “Theme cars will be judged on creativity & how closely they represent the TV show or movie.” But whatever. It was really good too. As you would expect since the entrant works in the cabinet shop for Engineering.

All in all I did pretty good for a girl.

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Author: Tammy Sue

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