Boston or Bust!

I just returned from a week in Boston on Friday evening. I went there for software training and stayed at a hotel in Randolph, MA. If you stay in that part of greater Boston I highly recommend the Lynwood Cafe for a great pizza! Anyone who knows me knows that pizza is one of my favorite foods and I am always on a quest to experience the best of the best. This was different and quite delicious. They only offer one size pie, I’d say it was about 10 inches. But I ate almost the whole thing, rich as it was, it was so good! We went Tuesday night and there wasn’t a table open. We were asked to place our order anyway and you should have seen the piles of TO GO orders. It was ridiculous. I did make the comment that this is every restaurant’s dream for a Tuesday night (or any night). Did I mention they only accept cash?? Good for them.

Good Eats!

Other good eats I tried were: Birch Street Bistro (yummy, I had the swordfish special with scallops) and Chart House (a chain, same one that owns Landry’s, but the crab cake was fabulous and my only complaint about the key lime pie is the slice was too big, it’s rich and I don’t want to leave a nice meal feeling guilty over what is going in the garbage).

We took a shuttle from the airport when we arrived just a short distance to the Harbor Express. The ferry took us on a ride through the harbor to Quincy where the hotel sent a shuttle to pick us up. This was totally superior to taking the highway in a cab. Thanks Lori!! Good job girl!

Sailboat anchored in Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor

As soon as we reached Quincy it became painfully obvious that you would be wise to just pay the extra for the covered parking. The picture is a bit grainy because I didn’t want to be a complete ass and walk right up and take a picture while the people were loading their bags. They’d suffered enough I’d say. And yes, that is bird $#!&. By the way the pidgeons in Boston are as big as fat house cats and one totally flew right into my HEAD while I was walking down Washington to Chinatown. I was like, “How rude!! Thanks for the memories!”

Pay The Extra For The Covered Parking

The interesting glass tower sculptures below were located near the Union Oyster House. We didn’t stop and eat there but they had their windows open. They aren’t like windows at restaurants in other places I’ve been. The are like “out swing” french doors. Except they fold in towards the inside of the restaurant. There are no screens. Very cool. It was really neat to see them open to the outside on a lovely day. And many of the downtown taverns had the same style windows.

Interesting Glass Sculptures

Some thing else I thought was different was the fact that Boston has cementaries right downtown. I think other places must build on top of the cementaries because I’ve never noticed anything like this anywhere else that I’ve been. Another indication of how old this town actually is.

 Cementary in downtown Boston near Government Center


Author: Tammy Sue

"Alex, I'll Take Things Only I Know For $200."

3 thoughts on “Boston or Bust!”

  1. T- love the pics I’d love to see Boston someday. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someday they will send you to Detroit or better yet Grand Rapids so I can see you! Miss ya girly!

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